Zaffran, where a timeless spirit permeates, for eyes to behold, and senses to discern.

A splendurous surprise awaits. An uniquely laid out expanse reveals an all embracing ambiance reminiscent of mughal darbars of yore. Zaffran resembles an Oasis in the Desert - a respite from the rush of life.

In intimate and relaxing atmosphere, Zaffran offers an array of culinary delights synonymous with the richness and grandeur of Northern India. Zaffran's kitchen thus takes pride in presenting a reality awaiting to unfold.

Zaffran's top quality kitchen strives to produce the finest in rich North Indian Cuisine.

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Second Floor (Lake Level)
Orion Mall, Brigade Gateway
Dr. Rajkumar Road, Near Yeshwantpur
Malleshwaram, Bangalore

Reservations : +91-99000-36979 / 080-6595-8888